May 3, 2024

9:00am–9:45am: Guests Arrive / Coffee & Pastries (downstairs)

9:45am–9:50am: Opening Remarks by Ryan Sager, Co-Founder of

Who Sponsors Stuff & The Newsletter Conference

9:50am–10:15am: 🗝 Keynote: Rules for Running a Newsletter in 2024 by Dan Oshinsky, Founder, Inbox Collective (and conference MC)


10:15am–11:00am: ✍️ Panel: Steal This Newsletter: Lessons on Great Content

Moderator: Elana Zak, Director of Newsletter Strategy, The Washington Post

Neal Freyman, Managing Editor, Morning Brew
Brad Wolverton, Senior Director of Content, HubSpot
Nicole Casperson, Founder, Fintech Is Femme

11:00am–11:45am: 🌱 Panel: How To Grow Your Newsletter, presented by SparkLoop

Moderator: Dan Oshinsky, Founder, Inbox Collective


Louis Nicholls, Founder, SparkLoop

Stephanie Talmadge, Director, Newsletter Strategy, Boardroom

Chenell Basilio, Writer & Reverse Engineer, Growth in Reverse

11:45am–1:15pm: Lunch (downstairs)

Lunch & Learn Tables

For those interested, join a Lunch & Learn table on the following topics, led by an expert:

‘Organic Growth for Your Newsletter,’ with Louis Nicholls of SparkLoop

‘Engaging & Monetizing Your Local Newsletters,’ with David Grant of Blue Engine Collaborative

‘Social Strategies for Newsletters,’ with Jack Appleby of Future Social

‘How To Write a Newsletter,’ with Brad Wolverton of HubSpot

‘Paid Growth for Your Newsletter,’ with Matt McGarry of GrowLetter


1:15pm–1:45pm: 🎙 Interview: Jacob Donnelly of A Media Operator interviews Adam Ryan of Workweek: The Opportunity in B2B


1:45pm–2:15pm: 🔮 Panel: The Future of Newsletter Advertising

Moderator: Boye Akolade, Co-founder & President, The Future Party

Jesse Watkins, Co-Founder, Who Sponsors Stuff
Jenny Rothenberg, Co-Founder & COO, Smooth Media

Greg Van Horn, CEO/Founder, FinanceBuzz by Launch Potato

2:15pm–2:45pm: 📌 Panel: The Newsletter Saves Local News

Moderator: Dan Oshinsky, Founder, Inbox Collective


Ryan Heafy, Co-Founder & COO, 6AM City
S. Mitra Kalita, Founder & CEO, URL Media

Ashley Hoffman, Senior Newsletter Strategist, The Philadelphia Inquirer

2:45pm–3:15pm: Afternoon Break


3:15pm–4:00pm: 🔝 Panel: Top Tactics for Growing Your Newsletter

Moderator: Jack Appleby, Creator, Future Social


Erika Burghardt, Head of Growth, 1440
Matt McGarry, Founder, GrowLetter
Aine Stapleton, International Intrigue
Lucy Keller, Associate Product Manager, Editorial Tools, Bloomberg Media


4:00pm–4:45pm: 📈 Panel: Put Your Business Model at the Center of Your Strategy

Moderator: Ryan Sager, Co-Founder, Who Sponsors Stuff


Jacob Donnelly, Founder, A Media Operator
Rachel Schindler, Co-Founder & VP Product, Growth, Punchbowl News
Ari Lewis, Co-Founder, Payload & Ignition

4:45pm–5:00pm: Concluding remarks: Dan Oshinsky, Ryan Sager & Jesse Watkins

Post-Conference Cocktail Reception:

5:00pm–7:30pm: Join us for post-conference drinks at...

The Liberty NYC
29 W 35th St (Between 5th & 6th Avenues)

New York, NY 10001

(See on map)

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